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Post  Admin on Wed Feb 17, 2010 12:32 am

Lower Graphics during events~

If you experience many game crashes or DCs (Disconnect with Server) errors.
You can very easily reduce these errors by lowering your game graphic settings (Resolution, Graphic Details, Expand Viewpoint), you can do this with the CPT launcher!
Play around with the game settings till you experience the best game play!

Command: @message

Sends message to all party members.

Command: /TRADE> message

Sends message to all players in field.

Command: /CLAN> message

Sends message to all clan members.

Command: /:player

Checks if player is online.

Command: /:player message

Sends a private message (PM) to player!

Command: /camera_wave_off, /camare_wave_on

Turns off and on your camara to wave at explosions.

Command: //party player

Sends a long distance party invitation to player.

Command: /disable_whisper, /enable_whisper

Deny and allow to receive private messages (PM) from anyone!


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